Meet The Expert: Dr. Rajesh Garg

Dr. Rajesh GargDr. Rajesh Garg joined Stanadyne in May as a Senior Technical Manager supporting the company’s global product programs. He brings more than 15 years of technical program experience and is responsible for the development of alternative fuels compatible injector and hydrogen fuel systems. Dr. Garg is working to advance Stanadyne’s fuel delivery systems, which help vehicle and engine manufacturers lower emissions, increase efficiency, and improve performance on the path towards zero-carbon fuel compatibility.

“Decarbonization is a priority for the transportation sector,” said Dr. Garg, “The industry is targeting carbon net zero by 2050 and Stanadyne is investing in research and development to bridge the significant adoption gap between fossil-fueled propulsion and low-carbon or zero-carbon fueled vehicles.”

Future vehicle fleets will be comprised of a mix of propulsion fuels and energies, including diesel, gasoline, alcohols, hydrogen, and electricity. The International Energy Agency Net Zero by 2050 report projects electricity and hydrogen-based fuels will account for more than 70 percent of transport* energy demand by 2050.

“It is important we don’t pick a single winner for the entire transportation sector,” said Dr. Garg. “Studies show that electrification makes sense for light duty vehicles. However, the medium-duty market would be better served by transitioning to alternative strategies, including hybridization, fuel cells, and potentially hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines. Heavy-duty and off-highway vehicles are better suited to liquid low-carbon fuels.”

Important life cycle analysis is currently underway by organizations and institutes, like the Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association (MECA). Research is being conducted to more accurately assess the real-world well-to-wheel carbon footprint of producing, using, and end-of-life management of low and zero-carbon alternative propulsion.

“Our industry needs to continue looking to scale the right solution to the right market at the right price to achieve our decarbonization goals,” said Dr. Garg.

More About Dr. Rajesh Garg

Dr. Garg is a seasoned program leader, inventor, motivator, and engineer. Before joining Stanadyne, he worked at Cummins for more than 15 years with increasing levels of responsibility and leadership. In his most recent role with the company, he was a Technical Advisor where he led cross-functional teams to develop fuel systems for advanced combat engines. Prior to his time at Cummins, he was a Product Development Engineer at Bajaj Auto Ltd. During his career, he has focused on fuel systems, diesel engines, product design and analysis, combustion, and fluid mechanics, CFD, heat transfer, chemically reacting flows, and optical emission spectroscopy.


*Transport is defined as aviation, shipping, rail, heavy trucks, light duty vehicles, two/three wheelers, and busses.

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