Diesel Common Rail Fuel Pump

Robust, compact design

2.0L to 16.0L diesel engines

For engines that must comply with the most stringent emissions standards, Stanadyne’s high-pressure diesel common rail pump offers a competitive edge with its next-generation eccentric operating strategy. Designed for unmatched durability against low-lubricity fuels and demanding service life, Stanadyne common rail pumps deliver power and performance with best-in-class packaging.

Diesel Common Rail


Low Emissions

High pressure capability supports fuel efficiency and lower emissions through optimal rail pressurization.


Modular Design

Modular design enables easy integration with a wide range of engine configurations. Compatible with biofuel and low-lubricity fuels.


Wide Application Range

Versatile features enable this pump to be used in diesel engines up to 16L.

Design & Specifications

1000 HP

450 HP

Horsepower Capacity



Bar Pressure

10,000 RPM

4,500 RPM

Engine Speed

Feature Specification
Pump Pressure 2400 Bar
Fuel Delivery 1250mm3/pump rev
Max Pump Speed 5000 PRPM
Engine Size Up to 11L @ 1.67 Drive Ratio (PRPM/ERPM)
Engine Power Range 74 – 335 kW / 100 – 450 HP
Operation Eccentric Roller
Emissions Compliance Tier IV+
Fuel Metering Electronic (Inlet Control)
Operating Temps. (-)40 – 100 degrees C
Lift Pump None, Geroter or Gear Type

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