GDI SP550-350

Compact design, quiet operation

Max Speed 3,500 prpm and 350 Bar

Meet the world’s smallest high-pressure gasoline direct injection pump. Specially designed for small engines with unrivaled packaging flexibility for easy integration, patented zero-impact control valve technology for quiet operation and reliable performance for clean and economical engines, the SP550-350 offers a best-in-class component approach to gasoline direct injection systems.




Patented design features combined with hybrid materials and advanced coatings abate hydraulic and acoustic noise.


Flexible Design

Highly-configurable pump platform with customizable features enables simplified integration with most engines and flex fuel compatibility.

Efficient Performance

Efficient Performance

Next-generation pumping architecture drives high-pressure capabilities and low-mass design.


Numerous Engine Applications

Versatile features enable this pump to be used in 3 and 4 cylinder engines and turbo 3 and 4 cylinder engines.

Design & Specifications

1000 HP

270 HP

Horse Power Capacity

1000 Bar

350 Bar

Bar Pressure

5,000 prpm

3,500 prpm

Max Speed (@ Full Function)

Pump DescriptionSingle plunger GDI pump, electronic demand controlled
Discharge Pressure350 Bar max
Inlet Pressure3 – 6 Bar
Max Speed (@ Full Function)550 mm3/rev
@ 3,500 prpm and 350 Bar
Pressure Relief ValveIn Pump
Flow ControlElectronic, normally open
Driver0 – 3.0 Amps, Current Regulated
Cam Lift2 – 4 Lobes
TappetSuggest Ina 26 mm OD roller tappet (16 mm roller)
Cam LiftDepending on number of lobes
Inlet Connector OptionsQuick connect, Threaded with 60° Cone, special
Discharge Connector OptionsThreaded with 60° Cone, special
Fuel CompatibilityGasoline, E10-E85, M15
Pump Mass290g
Environmental Temps.-40 – +125° C

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