Stanadyne’s New Goliath Performance GDI Pump Delivers the Highest Fuel Flow in The Aftermarket

Jacksonville, North Carolina – December 8, 2023 – Stanadyne, a leading global fuel and air management systems supplier, is expanding its performance and specialty product portfolio with the launch of its patented Goliath high-flow, 12 mm bore, up to 350-bar performance gasoline direct injection (GDI) fuel pump. The Goliath is now the performance GDI fuel pump with highest fuel flow available in the aftermarket to specialty, tuning, and racing vehicle retailers and distributors. The company announced the new performance product today at the 2023 PRI Show in Indianapolis.

“Don’t risk your engine by working with pumps that have been modified by other companies,” said Stanadyne Chief Engineer Srinu Gunturu. “Don’t go with knock-off and modified pumps currently on the market. Demand the patented Stanadyne Goliath pump that is built to exacting original equipment quality and reliability standards here in the USA.”

The Stanadyne Goliath performance pump is a high-quality, modular solution addressing the fuel flow limiting factors of stock mechanical fuel pumps when trying to increase the power output of GDI engines. It is purposefully engineered for specialty and performance engine enhancement. Its modular design and connection-ready inlet fuel line fittings make installation safer and easier for both professional and amateur tuners. Their proven performance is built on providing more than 9 million GDI fuel pumps to an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to support its small block engine platform.

Market Leading Performance Enhancement

The Goliath pump increases fuel flow by an average range of 83 percent, compared to factory-installed stock GDI fuel pumps with 10 mm plunger bore size. Its 12-mm plunge bore size, compared to the standard 10 mm, provides up to 2.0 cc of fuel per revolution at a 6.0 mm stroke at up to 350 bar of fuel pressure. This specialty engineering pump can deliver up to 2.8 cc of fuel per revolution. This industry leading fuel flow is delivered at a custom 8 mm stroke without the plunger losing contact with the camshaft/lifter when the engine is operating at 6,000 to 6,600 rpm.

Quality & Reliability

Stanadyne’ s OEM production expertise, processes, and best practices are applied to its aftermarket products. The Goliath performance pump is modified during the build stage – as opposed to after final assembly – to mitigate contamination concerns. Pumps are fully laser welded in a clean room environment and helium mass leak tested for unparalleled commitments to product quality and safe operation.

Flexible Drive Design

The Goliath pump is custom made to precisely fit a variety of engines without the need for complicated adapters and risky plunger extension buttons. The pump has Stanadyne patented plunger, which significantly improves engine safety and operation when compared to currently available modified aftermarket pumps.

“The demanding specialty tuning market should not settle for less,” said Gunturu. “Vehicle tuners and dealers should choose the purpose-built specialty product from the company that is the most trusted name in GDI pumps – Stanadyne.”

The Stanadyne purpose-built high-flow, high-performance Goliath GDI fuel pump covers a range of horsepower applications for a variety of engine makes, such as Audi, Aston Martin Vantage, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, GM, Infinity, Kia, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Stellantis, and Toyota. It currently is available through select Stanadyne Performance partners.

Stanadyne is the flexible performance enhancement partner of choice for tuning, racing, and specialty vehicles. High-performance and specialty tuning, and racing vehicle retailers and distributors interested in using the Goliath for their fuel system tuning kits should reach out to the company through the Contact Us website page or emailing

About Stanadyne

Stanadyne designs, manufactures, and remanufactures fuel delivery systems and components for gasoline and diesel engines, as well as low-carbon alternative fuels. Founded in 1873, the company specializes in pioneering technology for engines that move our world and remanufactured components that help keep them operating efficiently. The company provides customers with customized design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions from its United States, China, Italy, India, and United Arab Emirates locations in partnership with its global aftermarket service dealers and distributor network. For more information, visit

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