GDI SP1000-350

High-efficiency, optimized drive torque

Max Speed 3,500 prpm and 350 Bar

Introducing the heart of tomorrow’s gasoline engines, combining our latest advancements in QuietTech™ technology, low-mass packaging and unprecedented efficiency, the 350 Bar capable SP1000-350 is designed for the future. Stanadyne’s patented technology offers manufacturers a best-in-class approach to meet the tighter particulate emissions requirements of next generation applications.




Patented design features combined with hybrid materials and advanced coatings abate hydraulic and acoustic noise.

Numerous Engine Application

Numerous Engine Applications

Versatile features enable this pump to be used in twin-turbo V6, 4 cylinder and naturally aspirated V8 engines.

Flexible Design

Flexible Design

Highly-configurable pump platform with customizable features enables simplified integration with most engines and flex fuel compatibility.


Efficient Performance

Next-generation pumping architecture delivers optimized drive torque, high pumping efficiency and a low-mass design.

Design & Specifications

1000 HP

400 HP

Horse Power Capacity

1000 Bar

350 Bar

Bar Pressure

5,000 prpm

3,500 prpm

Max Speed (@ Full Function)

Feature Specification
Pump Description Single plunger GDI pump, electronic demand controlled
Discharge Pressure 350 Bar max
Inlet Pressure 3 – 6 Bar
Max Speed (@ Full Function) 1000 mm3/rev
@ 3,500 prpm and 350 Bar
Pressure Relief Valve In Pump
Flow Control Electronic, normally open
Driver 12 Amps peak, 3 Amps hold PWN
Cam 2 – 4 lobes
Tappet Special
Cam Lift Depending on number of lobes
Max Speed Full function
Inlet Connector Options Quick connect, Threaded with 60° Cone, special
Discharge Connector Options Threaded with 60° Cone, special
Fuel Compatibility Gasoline, E10-E85, M15
Pump Mass 765g
Environmental Temps. -40 – +125° C

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