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Combining experience, the latest technology, and next generation design.

For over 65 years Stanadyne has been a global leader in fuel injection equipment for diesel engines. Stanadyne’s technical expertise and innovative designs offer engine makers fuel systems that are purpose-built, reliable, and that support compliance with current and future emissions standards.

Through the harshest environmental conditions and poorest fuel quality, our robust technology delivers high performance and reliability over a long service life. Our next-generation pumping principles and scalable architecture offers compact, lightweight solutions with best-in-class packaging for applications up to 2400 Bar injection pressure.

From on-road and off-road to stationary applications, our proprietary technology delivers advantages in power, performance and efficiency.

Diesel Fuel Pumps and Injectors

Diesel Common RailDiesel Common Rail
For engines that must comply with the most stringent emissions standards, Stanadyne’s high-pressure diesel common rail pump offers a competitive edge with its next-generation eccentric operating strategy. Designed for unmatched durability against low-lubricity fuels and demanding service life, Stanadyne common rail pumps deliver power and performance with best-in-class packaging.
featured-de-scaledElectronic Rotary
DE Electronic Rotary pumps are full-authority and electronically controlled to support fuel curve rate shaping and ultra-fast response times. Featuring a spill-pump-spill operation strategy and single solenoid actuator, the DE pump provides precise injection quantity and timing control.
EcoForceEcoForce Rotary Diesel Fuel Pump
Leveraging our expertise in conventional fuel injection systems and precision engineering, the EcoForce pump is designed to be compact and lightweight, bringing power and performance to engines below 50 HP. The EcoForce is mechanically governed and features advanced timing and control mechanisms that that enable improved emissions and fuel efficiency.
Mechanical Rotary PumpMechanical Rotary
DB Mechanical Rotary pumps have been fueling diesel engines since we invented the technology more than six decades ago. Our revolutionary design has stood the test of time with millions of these pumps in-use worldwide. With an inlet metered design, our rotary pumps offer superior governing and provide the best regulation performance of mechanical pump-line-nozzle fuel injection equipment.

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