Electronic DE Rotary

Precision Electronic Control

50 to 210 HP AND 900 BAR NE

DE Electronic Rotary pumps are full-authority and electronically controlled to support fuel curve rate shaping and ultra-fast response times. Featuring a spill-pump-spill operation strategy and single solenoid actuator, the DE pump provides precise injection quantity and timing control.

Electronic Rotary


Flexible Design

Optional performance features and low-profile design for easy integration with a wide range of engine configurations and compatibility with biofuel and low-lubricity fuels.


Precision Electronic Timing Controls

Allows up to 12 degrees of authority with a spill-pump-spill operation strategy for precise injection quantity and timing control.


Adjustable Timing

Delivers consistent power output through adjustable fuel delivery based on fuel demand. Provides fuel curve rate shaping for more control.

Design & Specifications

1000 HP

210 HP

Horsepower Capacity



Bar Pressure

10,000 RPM

4000 RPM

Engine Speed

Feature Specification
Pump Pressure 850 Bar
Injection Pressure 950 Bar NE
Fuel Delivery 140mm3/pump rev
Max Pump Speed 2000 PRPM
Number of Cylinders 4 or 6
Engine Power Range 37 – 156 kW / 50 – 210 HP
Operation Rotary
Emissions Compliance Tier III
Fuel Metering Electronic (Spill Control)
Advance Authority 24 engine degrees; 12 pump degrees

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