Meet The Expert: Dr. Rajesh Garg

Dr. Rajesh Garg joined Stanadyne in May as a Senior Technical Manager supporting the company’s global product programs. He brings more than 15 years of

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Once again we are celebrating International Women’s Day. Alaina Mazzola recently joined Stanadyne as our Director of Supply Chain, Americas and we caught up with

Meet Kay Krajewski: Stanadyne’s Global Diesel Products Chief Engineer

Stanadyne’s Global Diesel Products Chief Engineer Diesel engines continue to be the reliable, robust, efficient workhorse for marine, commercial, and on- and off-highway vehicles, as

The Vision of a Hydrogen Society in an Electric Future

Blog by Dr. Brad Stroia, Stanadyne Chief Technology Officer In late September, Stanadyne Chief Technology Officer Dr. Brad Stroia attended the Society of Automotive Engineers’

Meet Mike Kaput: Putting the Engine in Engineering

Putting the Engine in Engineering The internal combustion engine has a lot more to offer the mobility industry as an energy efficient, low-emissions powertrain option.

Meet the Expert: Srinu Gunturu – Stanadyne’s High-Pressure Pro

Stanadyne’s High-Pressure Pro Stanadyne’s Senior Manager of Engineering for Gas Products, Srinu Gunturu has been raising the bar for high-pressure gasoline direct injection fuel systems

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