Meet the Expert: Srinu Gunturu – Stanadyne’s High-Pressure Pro

Stanadyne’s High-Pressure Pro

Srinu Gunturu

Stanadyne’s Senior Manager of Engineering for Gas Products, Srinu Gunturu has been raising the bar for high-pressure gasoline direct injection fuel systems since joining the company eight years ago. Based at Stanadyne’s Gasoline Advanced Engineering Center of Excellence, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, he and the Gasoline Advanced Engineering team are solving the pump performance, packaging, and durability issues challenging the industry today and tomorrow.


“We are solving the fundamental challenge of how to deliver the most fuel using the smallest package to optimize engine efficiency and reduce emissions,” said Gunturu. “Engine downsizing requires fuel pumps to be increasingly compact to fit in ever-tightening spaces under the hood. That means higher pressures and maximizing low and high speed overall volumetric efficiencies.”

Stanadyne 500 Bar PumpSrinu is one of the lead developers of high-pressure GDI pumps ranging from a 150-bar system that currently is in the market to future 1000 bar systems. He currently is testing Stanadyne’s newest 500 bar design that offers reduced noise and increased overall volumetric efficiency – even at low speeds. It has a robust pumping structure, patented floating sleeve, and separate spring design. In addition, it features a low-profile accumulator for improved engine packaging.

“Our patented floating sleeve eliminates scuffing and seizure by reducing side loading on the plunger,” said Stanadyne’s High-Pressure Pro, Srinu. “This makes for a very durable, quiet GDI fuel pump.”

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