Stanadyne Develops 1,000 Bar GDI Injector

Stanadyne Develops 1,000 Bar GDI InjectorNew gasoline injector design delivers best-in-class fuel pressure; fits in current engine architecture

Jacksonville, North Carolina – December 13, 2021 – Stanadyne, a leading global fuel and air management systems supplier, has developed a gasoline direct injection (GDI) fuel injector that delivers 1,000 bar of pressure. The new high-pressure injector design has been successfully performance tested at the company’s Gasoline Engineering Center of Excellence in Jacksonville, NC.

“Internal combustion engines will see rail pressures of 500 bar and greater to optimize the gasoline combustion process,” said Stanadyne Director of Advanced Gasoline Engineering, Gasoline Direct Injection, Mike Kaput. “Higher injection pressures can help engine designers reduce tailpipe emissions for upcoming EU7 and SULEV regulations. Combustion engines will also continue to play a major role in hybrid electric vehicles, while the move to full electric vehicles plays out through 2040 and beyond.”

The new injector is industry-leading technology that is already exceeding its own benchmark performance targets by 20 percent, having achieved 1,200 bar of fuel pressure during initial testing. This next generation of gasoline high pressure direct injection fits in current engine architecture and is scalable for fuel systems ranging from 350 to 1,000 bar.

“Stanadyne is enabling clean propulsion through engine innovation,” said Stanadyne Global Chief Engineer, Gasoline Fuel Systems and Components, and 1,000-bar injector inventor, Michael Hornby. “We have multiple patents pending on this ground-breaking injector design. Its high-pressure performance has demonstrated unmatched fuel delivery speed, efficiency, precision, and consistency.”

next generation of gasoline high pressure direct injectionThe injector’s efficient magnetic design provides excellent feedback for unprecedented fuel control. It significantly reduces over-fueling during the injection-opening event by employing a unique armature design. In addition, its variable valve body diameter allows for tighter packaging and the power group’s modular construction enables fast and efficient changeovers between various connector designs.

The 1,000 Bar GDI Injector is the newest addition to Stanadyne’s gasoline product portfolio providing vehicle manufacturers with customized best-in-class solutions for homogeneous and stratified direct injection engines.

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