Meet Kay Krajewski: Stanadyne’s Global Diesel Products Chief Engineer

Stanadyne’s Global Diesel Products Chief Engineer

Meet Kay KrajewskiDiesel engines continue to be the reliable, robust, efficient workhorse for marine, commercial, and on- and off-highway vehicles, as well as power generation, around the world. And with the development of new fuel delivery and emissions innovations, Stanadyne’s new global Chief Engineer Kay Krajewski expects significant efficiency gains will be possible in the coming years for the compression ignition propulsion system.

“The Diesel engine is the prime mover for the majority of over-land transport, construction, industrial, rail, marine, and agricultural activity,” said Krajewski. “Its superior efficiency and ability to use sustainable fuels make it an essential element of our future.”

Kay certainly knows what he is talking about. He has been enabling clean propulsion through diesel engine innovation for nearly 25 years. Earlier in his career, he led the engine and vehicle endurance testing and homologation of the world’s first diesel common rail fuel delivery system using piezo injectors. Over the years, Kay also played a strategic fuel systems integration role on several European diesel engine programs of all sizes. Prior to joining Stanadyne in August 2021 as the company’s Global Chief Engineer of Diesel Products, he held technical, product development, project management, system integration, and business development leadership roles at Liebherr, Robert Bosch GmbH, and Siemens VDO / Continental Automotive AG.

“I am excited to apply my global engine fuel systems research, design, development, integration, and homologation experience here at Stanadyne,” said Krajewski. “I am looking forward to opportunities to improve overall vehicle performance by furthering engine optimization and the application of low-carbon and zero-carbon fuels.”

Kay joins Stanadyne’s deep and growing pool of fuel delivery systems experts dedicated to improving combustion propulsion power, efficiency, and emissions to support customers’ green mobility strategies. In addition to spearheading diesel product innovation, Krajewski will leverage his global compressed natural gas (CNG), liquid propane gas (LPG), hydrogen, and e-fuel experience to support current and future engine programs.

As the vehicle industry explores green propulsion options, Stanadyne is well positioned as highly competitive fuel systems supplier of choice for original equipment manufacturers. It is ready to support customers with well-engineered and sustainable products and systems.

“The industry is looking for alternatives, ideas, and options for engine optimization,” said Krajewski. “Stanadyne brings an innovative mindset to assist our customers in the creation of sustainable internal combustion engines as we travel down the road toward carbon neutrality.”

Kay holds an engineering degree from the University of Hanover in Hanover, Germany and is a certified Senior Program Manager from the Project Management Institute’s Switzerland chapter.

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