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Highly efficient, robust design supports current and future global engine applications and fuel conditions

Southfield, Michigan – September 9, 2021 – Stanadyne, a leading global fuel and air management systems supplier, has unveiled a high-pressure Modular Diesel Common Rail (MDCR) fuel pump family for next generation high-efficiency diesel engines. The new pump builds on Stanadyne’s patented eccentric drive technology to deliver ruggedly reliable performance in harsh environments for demanding applications at fuel rail pressures of up to 3,000 bar.

Stanadyne 2P MDCR Pump

Stanadyne 2P MDCR Pump

Stanadyne common rail pumps are known for their reliability, quiet operation, and robustness to seizure from fuel quality issues common to worksites in emerging markets. The company has been actively producing common rail pumps since 2014, putting more than 600,000 into service in China, India, and Europe for both on- and off-road applications.

“We set out to build a versatile pump that delivers fuel efficiency and performance in a compact and modular package” said Stanadyne President and PurePower Technologies Managing Director Dr. John Pinson. “Our next generation two- and four-piston MDCR pumps are smaller and lighter. They can significantly enable cleaner combustion, improved engine efficiency, power, and performance.”

Innovative Eccentric Drive

As operating pressures rise, managing pump driveline torque extremes becomes an increasingly important engine design consideration. The Stanadyne eccentric roller smooths driveline torque fluctuations reducing engine design requirements when compared to conventional cam-driven pumps. An added benefit of the eccentric roller mechanism is the effective elimination of scrubbing contact at critical interfaces relative to traditional pump designs. The result is a quiet and efficient drive delivering higher pressures at higher speeds with less need for engine redesign.

Higher Efficiency and Cleaner Combustion

Stanadyne’s patented eccentric drive design makes the Modular Diesel Common Rail pump one of the most efficient available to diesel engine designers. Its high-pressure capability enables extremely fine fuel atomization for cleaner and more complete combustion, leading to greater fuel efficiency and less reliance on emissions aftertreatment.

The eccentric drive’s unique yoke spring design also reduces parasitic loads by eliminating the need to overcome spring loading on every compression stroke. The smoother lift rates also result in low waste heat emission resulting in increased durability and longevity across a wide range of fuel qualities.

Modular Diesel Common Rail’s Modular Design

The pump’s modular design is easily adapted to different engine displacements, duty applications, and markets. It features a compact, lightweight aluminum body in two- and four-plunger configurations. Its interchangeable pumping elements and mounting arrangements create unprecedented design flexibility for engine mounting orientation and displacement scalability.

“Our design uses fewer parts and less energy to drive the pump compared to current market options,” said Dr. Pinson. “As a result, we can offer a smaller pump package that can run at faster speeds and higher fuel flow.”

Best-In-Class Reliability

The eccentric drive mechanism gives the pump unparalleled robustness and longevity. In operation, it uniformly distributes operational stresses for even wear. This is a significant advantage over traditional roller-tappet pumping approaches. The roller motion constantly replenishes fuel lubrication for reduced friction, increased cavitation resistance, and low lubricity fuel tolerance.

Sustainability Features

The Stanadyne Modular Diesel Common Rail is the only medium-duty pump independently certified for 25,000 hours of B10 life. The pump is also designed for remanufacturing with a serviceability plan for all key components enabling the pump to enjoy a very long service life.

“This pump is purpose-built to deliver customer needs and results” said Dr. Pinson. “It can support light-duty engine applications, as well as mission-critical, severe duty applications where failure is not an option.”

The MDCR pump is ready to support original equipment manufacturer (OEM) four-to-16-cylinder diesel engine programs for light-duty to severe duty, on- and off-highway, marine, military, and power generation applications. Images and videos of the pump undergoing performance testing are posted on the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

About Stanadyne

Stanadyne designs, manufactures, remanufactures, and sells best-in-class vehicle and powertrain pumping, injection, air and fluid management, and control solutions. Founded in 1873, the company specializes in pioneering cleaner, more efficient fuel injection technology for engines that move our world and the aftermarket and remanufactured components that help keep them operating. Stanadyne provides customers with customized design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions from its United States, China, Italy, India, and United Arab Emirates locations in partnership with its global aftermarket service dealers and distributors network. For more information, visit Stanadyne.com.


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Industry veterans, Jerry Sweetland and David Zimmerman to lead Stanadyne through next phase of global growth

Stanadyne has announced its management restructure to lead Stanadyne following the Windsor, Conn., fuel injection systems company’s acquisition of PurePower Technologies Inc., earlier this month. Jerry Sweetland, President and CEO of Pure Power has been named President of diesel products, and David Zimmerman, Stanadyne’s Managing Director of the Americas, has been named President of gasoline products.

“Since Stanadyne acquired Pure Power earlier this month,” says David Galuska, Stanadyne Chief Executive Officer, “our collective goal has been to establish the best and brightest from both companies in positions where they can broaden our global market presence and accelerate growth.”

Pure Power, which manufactures fuel, air-management and after-treatment systems for light-, medium- and heavy-duty diesel engines, is based in Columbia, S.C., where Sweetland will continue to direct the operation through this transitional phase. He was one of six original employees in 1999 when Siemens and Navistar founded the company as a joint venture, and by 2016, Pure Power evolved into an independent operation with Sweetland at the helm. Sweetland, a 25-year industry veteran, has also held leadership positions at Detroit Diesel, Siemens Automotive and Continental Automotive.

“This is an exciting time for Stanadyne, and I am thrilled to be taking the lead on Stanadyne’s diesel products, says Jerry Sweetland. “Stanadyne has a long and innovative history in the diesel industry, and I look forward to bringing Pure Power’s diesel technology to the table for the next phase of our combined growth.”

Zimmerman, who joined Stanadyne in May 2018 after three decades in the auto industry, began his diverse career as a test engineer for Lear Corporation. He also led the development of Ford’s Windstar minivan seat system and was an engineer and sales manager for cam drive systems in powertrain at BorgWarner. Immediately prior to Stanadyne, Zimmerman was the Director of key account management at Continental Automotive, overseeing the commercial and technical relationships with Ford Motor Company.

“Having been with Stanadyne for the past year, it is an honor to be named President of gasoline products, says David Zimmerman. “The potential of our gasoline direct injection line is very strong, and I am ready to carry over the success we’ve had in the Americas under my tenure to the global stage.”

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