As part of International Women’s Day (learn more), Stanadyne is recognizing members of our female workforce that drive our company’s success every day. Jayashree G and Meagan Long are great examples of individuals helping our company create an exceptional customer experience and best-in class quality, reliability, delivery, and service. Leaders like Jayashree and Meagan bind our company together through integrity, mutual respect, honesty, and transparency.

Jayashree is Senior Executive Assistant of the Managing Director’s Office for Stanadyne’s Stanadyne India operations located in Chennai, India. She has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a master’s in Business Administration. Meagan is a Materials Manager for Stanadyne LLC located in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Here are their answers to a few questions regarding career paths as leaders in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

What is your role / responsibility with the company?

Jayashree: As Senior Executive Assistant, I manage the Stanadyne India Managing Director’s office, which includes activities like scheduling and calendar management, travel planning, meeting and appointment coordination, and much more. In addition, I am responsible for office administration, premises and facilities management, and guest management. I also host official company events and support in executive travel.

Meagan: I am the Materials Manager for our Jacksonville, North Carolina manufacturing operations.

 What is your proudest career achievement?

 Jayashree: Most recently, I proud of single-handedly organizing and hosting a successful leadership strategy event, where our guests, senior leadership team, and staff expressed their appreciation for my efforts. I also am proud of being able to realize a 15 percent operational cost reduction by consolidating out-outsourced partners, managing new processes and technologies, and optimizing the travel cost.

Meagan: Working my way up to become Materials Manager. When I entered the automotive industry 20 years ago, I started out as a temporary worker on an assembly line. I pushed myself to learn all that I could and have done a little of everything throughout my career.

What is your proudest personal achievement?

Jayashree: I see my sense of time management, prioritizing the activities, patience, maintaining confidentiality, and a conflict-free workspace as my greatest achievement. These learnings and achievements help my career sustainability, growth, and improving my personal lifestyle.

Meagan: My proudest personal achievement is continuing my full-time education, while working full-time and raising my seven-year-old son.

What led you to explore a career path with an automotive / manufacturing company?

Jayashree: I have always been curious and fascinated by automobiles when I see them (in daily life) on road. I always believed that vehicles play a huge role in connecting the entire world together – making life more interesting. When I had the opportunity to work at Stanadyne, who manufacturer engine components, I happily seized it. I liked the chance to explore and learn how the industry operates and how it was a new industry compared to my past experiences. So, I chose this path.

Meagan: I was born and raised in Michigan, where automotive and manufacturing is a part of our DNA. I started working for a Tier 1 Automotive supplier right out of high school and 20 years later, here we are!

What words of advice, guidance, or inspiration would you share with women exploring their career options and opportunities?

Jayashree: My advice is to never fear societal pressures, expectations, and in particular, failures. Use societal pressures and failures as motivation to push further and reach higher. Utilize every opportunity to explore and educate. Be a team player to help yourself and others, integrate, and achieve your personal and professional dreams. Work hard for the betterment of self, family, and the society in every possible aspect.

Meagan: People will doubt you – just never doubt yourself. Never give up. That feeling of accomplishment you will feel when you get that job or meet that goal is amazing!

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