Stanadyne Unveils New Direct and Port Hydrogen Injector Design Platform at 2023 Detroit Auto Show

Stanadyne Hydrogen High-Pressure Direct Injector

Detroit – September 13, 2023 – Stanadyne, a leading global fuel and air management systems supplier, has developed a new design platform for hydrogen injectors for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as industrial engine and power generation applications. The platform consists of two designs: a high-pressure direct injector capable of fueling applications from 25 to 200 kW per cylinder and a high-flow port injector capable of very high gaseous fuel flow rates. The two new hydrogen injectors are on industry display for the first time at Stanadyne’s AutoMobili-D vehicle pod 2 at the 2023 Detroit Auto Show on September 13-14, 2023, being held at Huntington Place in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

“Our new platform for hydrogen injectors will allow decarbonization on some of the most challenging vehicle applications in the industry,” said Stanadyne Chief Technology Officer Dr. Bradlee Stroia. “It allows our customers to improve combustion efficiency and performance on a wider variety of programs.”

Both injectors have been designed for superior pressure and flow capability across a wide range of fueling applications. The new platform was engineered with modularity and scalability in mind and can be packaged to meet a variety of port-injected and direct-injected fuel delivery needs. The injectors’ high flow capacity features enable equivalent energy density fuel delivery when compared to traditional hydrocarbon fuels, while the injectors’ careful material selection and robust design provide superior durability and reliability.

Stanadyne Hydrogen High-Flow Port Injector

“Extra effort was made in the design of the injectors to allow them to be technology neutral in their applications,” continued Dr. Stroia. “They can be used to deliver other alternate gaseous fuels with minor modifications to the base design.”

Stanadyne’s high-pressure direct injector operates on 12- or 24-volt architectures and can deliver gaseous fuel flow in pressures up to 300 bar for a range of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty engine applications. Its special patent-pending features enable scalable high fuel flow and uses fast response valve technology. The injector’s design and materials address hydrogen’s embrittlement and erosion issues, as well as provide robust gas sealing.

The company’s high-flow port injector can deliver gaseous fuel flow in pressures up to 15 bar and its special patent-pending features enable scalable, precise flow control. Like the direct injector, it also has robust gas sealing, fast response valve technology, and a hydrogen diffusion-resistant design and materials.

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