Stanadyne LLC Acquires Amalgamations Group In A Full Buyout

Fuel Systems Manufacturer Continues Global Success with Acquisition of Joint Venture in India

Fuel systems specialist, Stanadyne LLC, completes 15-year partnership with Indian conglomerate, The Amalgamations Group, in a full buyout of the joint venture amalgamations-main Stanadyne, a global fuel injection systems designer and manufacturer headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut, today announced it acquires Amalgamations Group in a full buyout. In a mutually agreed upon buyout, Stanadyne becomes the sole owner of the operations in India, created by the joint venture in 2001 to build diesel fuel systems.

“This acquisition is really a measurement of success and a testament to Stanadyne’s ability to strategize and execute growth opportunities on a global level,” says Stanadyne CEO David Galuska. “The Amalgamations Group has of course played a pivotal role in contributing to our success in India since 2001, and we plan to remain strategic partners with them going forward.”

Stanadyne entered the joint venture as part of a global expansion plan into India and the Near East in the early 2000’s, electing to partner with The Amalgamations Group because of their history of doing business in India as well as their technical engineering expertise in diesel engines. The joint venture produced a wide range of diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors at the Chennai facility over the last 15 years and serves customers in the Near East region. The recently announced EcoForce diesel fuel pump, a new compact fuel pump designed for engines below 50 HP, will be produced at this location.

“Stanadyne has been one of the greatest partners we have entered a joint venture with in our company’s long and storied existence,” says Mr. Venkataramani of The Amalgamations Group who helped establish the joint venture. “Their knowledge of fuel systems and dedication to precision engineering are indicative of the success we experienced with them in their entrance into the Indian diesel market.”

The Amalgamations Group, founded in 1934 in India, is comprised of 47 companies and focuses operations on engineering industries including automotive. Notable companies under their control are Simpson & Co. Ltd., TAFE Motors and Tractors Ltd. and India Pistons Ltd. With the change in ownership, the business in India, formally known as Stanadyne Amalgamations Private Limited, will become Stanadyne India Private Limited. Stanadyne and The Amalgamations Group plan to continue to work together as customers and suppliers to one another in order to continue serving India’s diesel engine market.

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