Stanadyne Presents New Diesel Product Roadmap at ADS


Dr. John Pinson, President and CTO of Stanadyne LLC, unveils product roadmap for domestic and world-wide markets

Engine manufacturers across the globe are looking to couple efficiency with performance in order to meet ever increasing emission standards while improving reliability. At the recently concluded ADS (Association of Diesel Specialists) International Convention in San Antonio, Dr. John Pinson, president and CTO of Stanadyne, explained how the Connecticut-based fuel injection systems design and manufacturing company is addressing the ever-evolving issue.

Dr. Pinson delineated short-term and long-term strategies for introducing Stanadyne’s products to a worldwide market, including:

“Stanadyne is focused on continuing to develop gasoline direct injection and diesel common rail systems domestically and worldwide as broader adoption of these technologies continues to grow.”

“Our new diesel common rail pumps are currently being produced for global markets at 60,000 units annually and these volumes are expected to grow over the next 18 months.”

“Efficiency, fuel economy and reliability do not have to come at the expense of performance.”

“Off-highway applications for construction, agriculture and power generation remain an important piece of our product portfolio going forward.”

ADS is an international trade association of diesel fuel injection professionals that includes engineers, mechanics and executives from the diesel industry. The 60-year-old group annually hosts the ADS International Convention and Tradeshow, which brings together members, suppliers and manufacturers to discuss the latest trends in the diesel industry.

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