Stanadyne Showcasing Engine Innovation Supporting Sustainable Propulsion at Automobili-D

Automobili-DThe company is debuting its new line of high-pressure injectors

Southfield, Michigan – August 29, 2022 – Stanadyne, a leading global fuel and air management systems supplier, will debut its next-generation fuel delivery systems supporting high-efficiency clean combustion and low-carbon and zero-carbon fuels at 2022 Automobili-D in conjunction with The North American International Auto Show (aka Detroit Auto Show). Stanadyne’s Automobili-D vehicle pod exhibit will feature the industry debut of its 1,000-bar gasoline direct injection (GDI) fuel injector and 3,000-bar diesel common rail (DCR) fuel injector. Stanadyne will showcase Premier Tuning Group’s (PTG) Mercedes Benz AMG equipped with Stanadyne’s new specialty performance high-pressure GDI fuel pump.

“Our new product lines are driving decarbonization of the internal combustion engine,” said Stanadyne CEO Dr. John Pinson. “We are enabling clean propulsion through engine innovation.”

For performance enthusiasts, Stanadyne has partnered with PTG to enhance a Mercedes Benz AMG M177 V8 biturbo engine. Using a Stanadyne specialty performance high-pressure GDI fuel pump, the factory specification for horsepower output is approximately doubled. In addition, its new high-pressure, high performance, and electrically controlled direct injection fuel pumps will be displayed for the first time.

“Stanadyne’s central strategy is to support our customer’s green mobility initiatives with best-in-class fuel delivery systems for internal combustion engines,” said Pinson. “Gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuel engines have a lot to offer the mobility industry as energy efficient, low-carbon powertrain options.”

The company is investing in research and development to support decarbonization of the internal combustion engine to bridge the significant adoption gap between fossil-fueled propulsion and low-carbon or zero-carbon fueled vehicles. Next generation internal combustion engines will require higher rail pressures to optimize the fuel combustion process. Higher injection pressure systems are particularly important for upcoming EU7 and SULEV regulations. Combustion engines will continue to play a major role in hybrid electric vehicles, while the move to full electric vehicles plays out through 2040 and beyond.

Visit Stanadyne in the Automobili-D section inside Huntington Place during The Detroit Auto Show’s Industry Tech Days on September 14-15, 2022.

About Stanadyne

Stanadyne designs, manufactures, and remanufactures fuel delivery systems and components for gasoline and diesel engines, as well as low-carbon alternative fuels. Founded in 1873, the company specializes in pioneering technology for engines that move our world and remanufactured components that help keep them operating efficiently. The company provides customers with customized design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions from its United States, China, Italy, India, and United Arab Emirates locations in partnership with its global aftermarket service dealers and distributor network. For more information, visit

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 With over 20 years in the field of engineering, Premier Tuning Group is the leader in automotive performance. The company’s developments range throughout the entire vehicle from complete OBD calibration solutions designed in-house to complete engine and turbocharger design and production. Throughout the years PTG has forged strong relationships within the automotive industry to push the envelope and produce race winning parts. Despite the company’s broad reach on component design, the team at PTG share a singular goal: We are here to win in everything we do.

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