Open for Business with David Zimmerman

Open for Business with David ZimmermanStanadyne opened the new year at its new Detroit-area Research and Customer Service Center, located in Southfield, Michigan. President of Gasoline Products and Managing Director of the Americas David Zimmerman is enthusiastic about the new location’s opportunities to better serve automotive, commercial vehicle, and off-highway customers. Additionally, he is excited about the energy / fuel-efficient solutions Stanadyne is developing for the still-growing internal combustion engine market.

“COVID-19 may have slowed down our move into the building last year,” said Zimmerman. “But it didn’t slow down our passion for innovation. We are continuing to aggressively develop powertrain and vehicle systems and the ways to precisely control fuel, gases, and fluids. We look forward to engaging with our customers and partners this year with dynamic discussions in our Solutions Center.”

Mr. Zimmerman is focused on growing both the business and the metro-Detroit team to meet global gasoline direct injection market needs, which is expected to still grow over the next decade.

“Conservative forecasts have the internal combustion engine market growing by over 20 percent in the next 10 years,” said Zimmerman. “Large or small, gas or diesel, propane or hydrogen, two wheels or 18 – the ICE still has a future. More importantly, there are double-digit fuel efficiency improvements and emission reductions ready to be gained by incorporating our technology solutions.”

The new location is a testimony to Stanadyne’s commitment to an exceptional customer experience. The company is well positioned to serve the unique needs of local markets, while leveraging its quality, reliability, delivery, and service strengths as a global systems supplier.

“We are helping mobility move forward here in Michigan and around the globe,” said Zimmerman. “As we drive toward vehicle electrification, Stanadyne is providing the leading-edge combustion technology and engineering solutions, enabling the industry to bridge the gap to this destination.”

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