Our Timeline

For over 100 years Stanadyne has been creating innovative solutions to the world’s most challenging problems.

Christopher Spencer

Christopher Spencer invents the automatic screw machine; thus, Hartford Machine Screw Company is born.

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Christopher Spencer

Hartford Machine Screw Company Merger

To begin building a reputation as a design and engineering focused company, Hartford Machine Screw Company merges with its affiliates to form Standard Screw.

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Hartford Machine Screw Company

Vernon D. Roosa Joins Stanadyne

Vernon D. Roosa joins Standard Screw to perfect his design for an on-engine diesel pump.

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Vernon D. Roosa

The World's First Diesel Rotary Pump

Standard Screw introduces the Roosa Master Injection Pump, the world's first Diesel Rotary Pump.

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The World's First Diesel Rotary Pump

DB Model Rotary Pump

Standard Screw builds on its diesel fuel pump line with the introduction of the DB Model Rotary Pump.

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DB Model Rotary Pump

The Pencil Nozzle Injector

Standard Screw develops the Pencil Nozzle Injector, an innovative, compact design that delivers fuel into the center of the cylinder.


Stanadyne is Established

Standard Screw becomes Stanadyne, keeping part of its legacy name and drawing off of 'dynamic' to progress the image of the company.


Introduction to Startmaster

Stanadyne introduces the Startmaster, an air starter for large truck applications.


Stanadyne Expands to Italy

Stanadyne acquires its Brescia, Italy plant to manufacture diesel fuel injectors.


World's First Electronic Rotary Pump

Stanadyne develops the DS Model Rotary Pump, the first electronically governed pump of its kind.


DE Model Rotary Pump

Stanadyne introduces the DE Model Rotary Pump. Stanadyne and the Amalgamations Group agree to a joint venture and open a facility in Chennai, India.

DE Model Rotary Pump

World's First 200 bar GDI pump

Stanadyne develops the world's first 200 bar gasoline direct injection pump for the automotive market.


China Opens Facility

Changshu, China facility opens its doors to engineer and manufacture pumps for Chinese OEMs.


Fuel Efficient Pumps Developed

Stanadyne develops a line of Diesel Common Rail Pumps that offered improved fuel efficiency over other market offerings at the time.

Fuel Efficient Pumps Developed

Stanadyne Enters Racing Industry

Stanadyne enters the high-end racing industry with the highest-capacity gasoline direct injection pump, helping to secure victory in a pivotal race.


Over 1 million units produced

The 200 Bar gasoline direct injection pump reaches the manufacturing milestone of 1 million units produced. Stanadyne develops the world's smallest gasoline direct injection pump.


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