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From on-road and off-road to stationary applications, our proprietary technology delivers advantages in power, performance, and efficiency. We provide cradle-to-grave product lifecycle capability, from new development through service and remanufacturing.

Diesel Fuel Systems

Stanadyne designs, manufactures, and remanufactures leading internal combustion engine fuel delivery solutions for diesel and alternative fuel wet systems and components in support of customer green initiatives. Our high-quality aftermarket, service, replacement, and performance products keep diesel engines running cleanly now and in the future.

Driving Decarbonization

Stanadyne is investing in research and development to support decarbonization of the diesel engine. Our innovations help bridge the significant adoption gap between fossil-fueled propulsion and low-carbon or zero-carbon fueled vehicles.

Sustainable Propulsion

Stanadyne is committed to nurturing sustainable propulsion. Our company embraces responsible propulsion solutions to meet our customers’ diverse mobility needs.

Low-Carbon & Zero-Carbon Fuels Compatibility

Stanadyne’s fuel delivery systems lower emissions, increase efficiency, and improve performance on the path to zero-carbon fuel compatibility.

Remanufacturing to Support a Circular Economy

Stanadyne is actively supporting a circular diesel engine economy through more than two decades of remanufacturing expertise at scale and quality. Our PurePower team is a preferred remanufacturing partner to OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and the premium aftermarket to keep engines running cleanly and in support of the circular economy.

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For over 65 years Stanadyne has been a global leader in fuel injection equipment for diesel engines. Stanadyne’s technical expertise and innovative designs offer engine makers fuel systems that are purpose-built, reliable, and that support compliance with current and future emissions standards.

  • More than 46 million pumps produced since 1952
  • More than 55 million OE injectors produced since 1999

Diesel Common Rail Pumps

Through the harshest environmental conditions and poorest fuel quality, our robust technology delivers high performance and reliability over a long service life. Our next-generation pumping principles and scalable architecture offers compact, lightweightsolutions with best-in-class packaging for applications.
Up to 3,000 Bar injection pressure
Patented efficient pumping principle
Produced more than 700,000 pumps

Modular Diesel Common Rail Pumps

Highly efficient, robust design supports current and future global engine applications and fuel conditions

Stanadyne’s Modular Diesel Common Rail (MDCR) fuel pump design is easily adapted to different engine displacements, duty applications, and markets. for next generation high-efficiency diesel engines. This family of pumps build on the company’s patented eccentric drive technology to deliver ruggedly reliable performance in harsh environments for demanding applications at fuel rail pressures of up to 3,000 bar.

For 4-to-16-cylinder light-duty to severe duty, on- and off-highway, marine, military, and power generation OEM diesel engine applications.

Diesel Common Rail

Pumps Built For Your Engine

For engines that must comply with the most stringent emissions standards, Stanadyne’s high-pressure diesel common rail pump offers a competitive edge with its next-generation eccentric operating strategy. Designed for unmatched durability against low-lubricity fuels and demanding service life, Stanadyne common rail pumps deliver power and performance with best-in-class packaging.

Rotary Pumps

Electronic Rotary Pump

DE Electronic Rotary pumps are full-authority and electronically controlled to support fuel curve rate shaping and ultra-fast response times. Featuring a spill-pump-spill operation strategy and single solenoid actuator, the DE pump provides precise injection quantity and timing control

50 to 210 HP / 900 Bar NE Precision

EcoForce Rotary Diesel Fuel Pump

Leveraging our expertise in conventional fuel injection systems and precision engineering, the EcoForce pump is designed to be compact and lightweight, bringing power and performance to engines below 50 HP. The EcoForce is mechanically governed and features advanced timing and control mechanisms that enable improved emissions and fuel efficiency.

24 to 50 HP / 650 Bar NE

Mechanical Rotary Pump

DB Mechanical Rotary pumps have been fueling diesel engines since we invented the technology more than six decades ago. Our revolutionary design has stood the test of time with millions of these pumps in-use worldwide. With an inlet metered design, our rotary pumps offer superior governing and provide the best regulation performance of mechanical pump-line-nozzle fuel injection equipment.

50 TO 200 HP / 750 BAR NE

Electro Mechanical Pumps

Stanadyne’s mechanically driven diesel fuel injection pumps are robust solutions for engines of all sizes and cylinder configurations.

The fuel pressure mechanisms of our camdisk-driven pumps can precisely feed fuel to engine cylinders or consistent, accurate injection quantities.

PF/Monoblock/QLC Pumps

Stanadyne offers a line of submerged type diesel fuel injection pumps for small diesel engines. These high-quality pumps and their serviceable components are available through our aftermarket service network. Stanadyne submerged pumps deliver exceptional quality and reliability backed by decades of diesel experience:

  • 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-cylinder configurations
  • K, Q, and QLC types for applications from 5 to 15 hp (3.7 to 11 kW) per cylinder
Integrated Fuel System

Stanadyne’s Integrated Fuel System contains an integrated unit pump and Compact Pencil Nozzle® with a roller cam follower, for use on off-road and genset applications for John Deere diesel engines. These systems are manufactured as complete, calibrated systems ready for engine installation:

  • Fitted to John Deere 2.4L (4 cylinder) and 3.0L (5 cylinder) engines
  • 100mm3/ stroke at 3600 engine RPM

Diesel Common Rail Fuel Injectors

Stanadyne offers a balance fuel delivery systems approach with its OEM, aftermarket, and remanufactured diesel injector options.

Company experts, as well as industry strategic partners, develop and produce diesel injectors for all engine sizes and applications.

Air And Fluid Management

Proper measurement and control of air, pressure, and exhaust gases is essential to offering a cleaner, leaner internal combustion engine. Whether the vehicle is powered by traditional or alternative gaseous or liquid fuels, Stanadyne offers pressure, inlet metering, intake, thermal management, and exhaust gas recirculation solutions for passenger, light-duty, heavy-duty, commercial, off-highway, and marine applications.

Our valves, meters are design-built for specific original equipment and aftermarket needs. They feature smart programable electronics for customized applications, OBD II-level actuator diagnostics, and increased transient air response and accuracy.

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