Our People

Ramona Ortiz

Ramona Ortiz

Jacksonville, North Carolina


Ramona has 21 years of experience in systems administration and manufacturing quality control, making her a crucial member of Stanadyne’s Quality Department. Ramona works as the TS Administrator; improving the engineering process with more efficient and improved quality standards to better satisfy our customers’ needs. Ramona’s work helps drive continuous improvement and upholds our high standards because she is delivering more precise products to our partners. Ramona is passionate about her job because each day she employs new techniques that build upon an already trusted framework. She says the best part of her job is continually propelling the company forward, refining the processes at our very core so we never stop improving.

Valeria Benzi

Brescia, Italy


With a constant flow of communication between Stanadyne and our partners, Valeria works collaboratively to ensure each touch point helps develop a positive and open relationship. As part of the Customer Service team, Valeria is passionate about helping people and she strives to deliver courteous and responsive support every day. Valeria’s direct contact with Stanadyne’s network enables her to provide answers to our customers’ questions with as little wait time as possible. Her patience and skill led to her success at Stanadyne and she is proud to be a part of a company that supports her values.


Stu Lanz

Windsor, Connecticut


Stu works as a lead manufacturing project engineer, creating processes and procedures to bring the designs of the engineering team develops to life. The collaborative atmosphere at Stanadyne supports a culture of innovative thinking, empowering employees to work without limits. Therefore, when Stu couldn’t find a process he needed within the powder metal industry, he set a goal to create one. Stanadyne challenged him to invent a procedure and supported his initiative to publish it so others in the industry could learn from his work. Stu prides himself on his work and the opportunities Stanadyne has given him in his field.

Chen Rui

Changshu, China


Chen started at Stanadyne five years ago as an intern, embracing every chance to learn new skills, tackling jobs and working tirelessly to grow as a professional. Today Chen is proud to say that he is working the first job of his career at Stanadyne as a Shift Leader in the Production Department. Chen’s experience at Stanadyne prepared him to work in a fast-paced environment; giving him the skills to make schedules for employees that will fill product orders efficiently and properly forecast inventory trends. Chen, who is proud of his professional career and the great success it has been filled with, looks forward to what his future holds at Stanadyne.

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